I am a 20 year old Australian girl who likes to talk about books, take pictures of my cats and generally obsessing over Taylor Swift.

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How'd you get it early? :0 ENJOY BTW

Dymocks had it so they called and told me I could go get it. And it’s all over the shelves. :)

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I’ll inject you with a serum that stimulates the part of your brain that processes fear. […] It induces a hallucination, and the transmitters in the serum allow me to see the images in your mind.





#I feel like arthur lost track somewhere around maybe percy #and then the twins happened and he stopped trying #jesus fucking christ molly #Twins? #TWINS? #I can hardly tell one buttock from the other #let alone two identical children #blimey #just fuck it #damn it all #i’ll start referring to them as you boy and that one there

#wait okay I KNOW this one isn’t mine#his hair is brown

#Fuck did we adopt one?

This is one of the funniest posts on Tumblr, hands down.